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10 June 2008


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Resers!?!? I thought we only had that here. In any case. That looks damn good and I'm not even pregnant.

little miss mel

Um, the fact that the two of those things are in the same photo makes me ill. However, separated, fantastic!!

mmm, creamy....


Wow, that looks so..ummm...not at all yummy. I'm with little miss mel - separate them and YOWZA.

Truly, just give me the peanut butter cups. That sounds great right now.


I could eat an entire bag of reese's pb cups. The small ones are deceptive though. You just eat them faster. Or at least I do!


Oh, man...my mom makes the best mustard potato salad ever. Now I have a craving, and I'm not even pregnant (knock on wood). And I'm with everyone else...please tell me you're not eating those together!


Well, I DO wait at least five minutes before eating the peanut butter cups.

Lezel Safi

One word, DUDE!


Seperately they look fantastic....together, notsomuch.

Do not miss pregnancy cravings at all.

Miss Reese peanut butter cups.


I can live without potato salad, but I remember the crazy cravings. The peanut butter cups look delish ;)


We may be in a fight; I now REALLY want potato salad.

a madhouse wife

Oh, man. Not together. Always love a good PB cup though.

My big preg craving was Bottlecaps. I'd eat about a movie-sized box every 24-36 hours.


Reese's and Reser's. hahaha!

Paige Jennifer

Oh sweet lord. I understand them independent of each other. But at the same time? I think I just threw up in my mouth.


I don't even want to start on my craving for mayo based salad while pregnant. I am fairly certain that just a few weeks back we had at least four containers of said salad waiting for me in the fridge. Oh, and peanut butter cups, all time favorite, pregnant or not.

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