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09 June 2008


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That's a huge spider! At least you got a clean car out of it, right?


I think I finally know why my office is infested with spiders - I've not been to church in two months. Next week, for sure.

Miss Kate

Holy crap! Things that make me happy about living up north in tundra-land: no hairy spiders. I seriously would have had a stroke.

To be supportive, I hear they're more scared of you that you are of them. Like bears. At least that's what I told my niece when she freaked over seeing a black bear at our cabin. So if a bear is scared of a human, then so must be a spider.


Oh, I'm sure it's more afraid of you than you are of it. Especially if you tried to steam-clean it. ;)


OMG, I might have to sell my car because I would freak myself into feeling the little buggers crawling on me and it would just be generally ugly. You are brave.


Okay, that's hideous. And it's still in your car???!?!?!!


EEEK! is right!

I would sell my car if it had one of those in it.



Sell the car NOW. Abandon it on the side of the road. Burn it.

I could not get back into knowing it had not been sucked up by the vaccuum. UGGHHH.

Jill - GlossyVeneer

Ew.... I once left town for a week and came home to find a black widow had built a home in my car's trunk. I vacuumed the hell out of the trunk after that!


Oh my god - I've been reading your blog for over a year now, but this story will draw me out of lurking for a comment - HOW COULD YOU EVEN ENTERTAIN THE THOUGHT OF USING THAT CAR? I had a spider that was a lot less ominous looking (think daddy-long-legs) in a rental car once and when the Enterprise attendant couldn't find it, I made them give me a new car. Except they didn't have any other cars within my insurance's range of payment. So they upgraded me to a luxury car for $15 a day just to get rid of me.

Seeing your spider would have made me pee in my pants a little.

Actually, a lot.


spiders don't usually creep me out...but in my car??? i might die!


Seriously I think I would have sold my car! Yikes!! I guess they are ok outside where I can stay away from them, but every time I was driving I would be convinced that it was coming out to get me! Spiders and snakes make me a drama queen! LOL ;)


Wow, four inches? I would have died of a heart attack. Spiders are SO not my thing. I'm normally not a girly-girl, but when it comes to spiders I'll shriek and run away with the best of them.

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