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04 June 2008


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Thank you so much for this. I really needed a laugh today!!!

At first I thought the extra fish dresses were a fish print wrap...and I can't figure out which would be worse. I think owning three fish dresses. Wait, no, a fish dress with a fish wrap. Wait, no...


I can't imagine why my grandma would give those clothes away - they ARE her favorite.

Seriously? 3 of the same dress?


Is there an award for "Funniest Post of the Week *Anywhere* on the Internet" ??? If so, this post wins.

I can't quite describe the noise I made when I saw the fish dress. Makenna asked me if I was okay.

Did you notice that 75% of the fish are swimming upside down?


Oh dear god! The fish dresses...Um I don't even know what to say. Your post cracked me up! Thanks, I really needed a laugh today! :)


Wow. Just...wow. The fish dress? I have no words.

If it makes you feel better I had someone offer me the same thing because they lost weight and when she asked me what size I wore I was wearing the same size as she did AFTER losing the weight. So that means she thought I was bigger than I am and that made me very, very sad. (she also said she had a lot more to lose but was cleaning out her closet. ouch)


little miss mel


Girl, that is some SKANKY ASS attire. WOAH! Those OKC girls need to go to Gil's or something and REALLLY be "Daring". hahahaha

Thanks for the laugh. You rock.


You have got to be kidding me! That is outrageous. Who would wear that shit? How can she be a non-descript dresser if she ever owned those lovely items?????


This is hilarious!! What horrendous taste that woman has! Heh.


Never commented here before, found you through another blog. But I just have to say, without sounding stalkerish, you seem really cool. And those last couple of dresses? holy shiz. And the "kind and generous" soul who gave them to you? She needs prayers.


Fish do not belong on a dress!!


I would totally insulted if someone made the point of telling me they had just lost weight when they offered me clothing. WTF. That bitch.

Miss Kate

Holy Jeez, those are bad. Your response was the epitome of class. I would have burst a blood vessel.

Jill - GlossyVeneer

Holy hell those are bad... but so completely worthy of sarcastic blogging. Why would anyone give those clothes to another person? I would be mortified if I owned those, much less gave them to another human being to prove that I had owned them!


Accept any all donations cause you never know.

By any chance does she know you are expecting? I wouldnt be upset if someone gave me stuff that they had thinned down from assuming a size number wasnt mentioned and they werent telling to try whatever diet. Its Skinny Bitch this Skinny Bitch that around here and I swear I will eat the next person who talks to me about it. I tried to pass along some 14s I cant do anymore to a pal and she was like oh that will be way too big.Couldnt just have said she was all set?

Anyway,why not keep a fishie one to loaf around in for a few summery weeks for shits ngiggles and pass along the rest.

That nautical one is just horrible. That kind of embroidered stuff is like baby clothes for grown women.


1. Bwahahahahahaha
2. To quote 180/360 - Who would wear this shit?

Thanks for the smile :)


um, the pink one...is it pajamas?


Holy guacamole. That lady needs to be flogged. You're such a good sport for sharing those ... things!


Must come out of lurkdom to say, holy shit! Those are honestly some of the worst dresses I've ever seen, I am a little partial to the floral print.

Thanks for the laugh!

Sue @ My Party of 6

I thought the same thing about the pink one - nightie? The clothes - um... no. But now I think we need a post about Lollapalooza and the golf course!

Paige Jennifer

Oh. My. God.

There's this loon of a woman on QVC or maybe it's HSN and her product is The Quacker Factory. She wears a braided headband thing across her brow like a sweatband though from the looks of her, she ain't breakin' no sweats. And she adorns her clothing with crazy shit like emroidered ducks and matching duck buttons.

After I read this post, I thought - gee, I bet that woman who gave Buns her old clothes buys that Quacker Factory shit.

I vote go naked before stepping out in public in ANY OF THAT STUFF.


OH WOW! If you are going to hell, then I will be right there with you. I can honestly say that not one of those is ok in any way shape or form but I thank you for the laugh. For some reason, I feel that all of those are more mu-mu appropriate, as in on a 80 year-old kind of way.

Yo mama

You know, it looks like the peplum found Nemo - please tell me I won't see you on "Girls Gone Wild"


Well, I was all prepared to be charitable toward the woman--she probably thought she was doing a nice thing. Then I saw the fish dresses. Yowza! That is some seriously bad taste there!

a madhouse wife

But what great blog fodder it turned out to be!

You know: that's my style too: take the high road at the moment and then blog about it later! I love/live for that kind of stuff!

Swimming suit donations though? Uh...am I the only one who thinks that's a little gross of her?

The best revenge is for her to NEVER see you out in those and then when she asks you can think of a really great response. I won't suggest any because I'm not that witty. Maybe you could hold a contest on your blog though and then give away the Nemo wrap as a prize.


i have no words.


You are far braver than me. 'Cause there is no way I would post pictures of me wearing that stuff... yuck! Maybe you could pay the Salvation Army to take it off your hands? :)


Wow. Just...wow.

THREE fish dresses?

It would be hard to see her at school and not laugh.

Kerri Anne

I love you right now. Seriously.


Oh my goodness, you are just too hilarious. I have done the exact same thing as you, but they were maternity clothes. And the woman wanted them back. And she is like, maybe three sizes larger than I am . And she thinks because we are the same height we wear the same size. So, twice, I borrowed her clothes. And twice I washed them refolded them and sent a thank you note. Because I just couldn't bear to disappoint. I never wore a thing. And no I did not take photos, it would have been funny though.


Wow those are some classy dresses. You have fun finding proper places to wear them. hehehe




That woman need to be exiled to an island somewhere- seriously. But, you're my hero for this post, hell or no hell.

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