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09 April 2009


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Miss Kate

Oh, the bags under Moira's eyes! They both are so tired, yet so cute. (Of course, I am not parenting 3 sick children right now, so please feel free to give me the finger.)


Hahahaha. The girls crack me up! Classic expressions.



It is indeed such a massive responsibility as a mom...having to think and do for the rest of the world...

I understand now why the great minds throughout history...had/have to withdraw to their "silent" places(perhaps with their watermelon vodka)...to refresh...renew...survive

Bless you! I remember the days well. You gather your supplies needed for survival and hunker down in the trenches...just waiting...waiting...until the next "life" grenade is lobbed in beside you. At that point, you sling your cape over your shoulder and fight the forces with all of your might. Then...during the cease fire when the adrenaline rush is over...you think thoughts of great magnitude such as:

did I just put ear drops in my childs eyes?
Did I really just give the super strength adult cough syrup to the baby? (Yes-I-did...and she slept a R-e-a-l-l-y long time)
should I feel bad about sending my sick child back to school...nah...you are actually helping to build up immune systems throughout the entire community
Did you fix cereal and leave where everyone can reach it?
Did you remember to go by the cleaners?
Did you file my FAFSA? Did you remember to send it to the 14 schools I have narrowed my search to? (okay...maybe not yet...but this question is coming...get ready)

I am not 100% sure...but, I think with all the recent meeting of needs and loved ones pulling on you...you have now transitioned from "mom" to "TGTITS"...THe Giant Tit in the Sky.

Wear it tiredly and proudly. We've all been there.

Blessings heaped and overflowing! I am sending good thoughts and Karma your way! Kiss those adorable, sickly children!


Pass me some of that vodka, please.


You deserve a medal! And to follow up the comment you made to my "Choices" blog entry, you do deserve to whine a bit with 3 sick kids to take care of. Have you broken the seal on that vodka yet?


Ugh. Here's hoping all are well SOON.


Oh, my. I feel like I need a drink to recover from just reading about it, so I can't imagine how you feel.


I just had PTSD flashbacks of my colonoscopy when I saw that Miralax - for the love of God that stuff is EVIL. Maybe I should have tried mixing it with watermelon vodka.

Seriously, I had strep almost once a month growing up through college. I never got my tonsils out but I probably shoudl have. It's the worst - literally feels like knives are cutting your throat. I hope everyone feels better soon honey!


You shouldn't have to guess twice which of those medications *I* would be most likely to choose!! :)


Ah man, I wish I had something witty to say. Just sending you good thoughts for an infection-free, rest-of-the-year.

You are one tough, admirable chick.


Drink the booze yourself ... hopefully, when you come to everyone will be healthy.

Stay strong!

a madhouse wife

It 9:34 am too early to start taking "medicine"? That's what time I needed mine this morning.


Whatever it takes to get through it!!!!


Isn't this the weekend that your husband takes care of the kids on his own while you go on a roadtrip? He probably doesn't remember, but he agreed to this months ago.


Is that the sound of my ovaries shutting down? Hang in there!

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