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28 July 2009


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I love that movie. Love love love LOVE it.

I wish you all of the good fortune and luck in the world with trying for another baby.

I had a heck of a time not munching on a friend's newborn baby's toes the other day, and found myself daydreaming of taking him home, just for a little while. It's wild what those little lovers will do to our coherent thought processes.

"mind you don't cut yourself Mordecai." -snort- You're awesome.


Best movie ever! Gotta love it. Best of luck in trying for another one. You do deserve a happy ending...after all this shit...you SO deserve it.


The stuffed bird my dog humps is named Mordecai.

WE'RE LIKE THIS (points at my head and your head).



I can't tell you how often my sister and I used to quote this movie (love it!).
Hoping for your happy ending.....


"Sometimes it's a hard world for small things" :-) I know I don't actually *know* you, but damn you're awesome.


I wish I had something better to say, but I don't. I'm still reading though and somehow it doesn't feel right to lurk.



"These balloons form funny shapes?" "No, not lessen' round is funny..." RA is the greatest movie that ever was. My entire extended family quotes it constantly.

And you so deserve a happy ending. Wishing and hoping and vibing hard for you.

Lynn from For Love or Funny

I'm so happy to read that you'd like to have another baby...wishing you much luck in getting pregnant again.


Honey, even with another baby, you are STILL going to miss Thalon and have a giant hole in your heart. A new baby won't replace him.

And, by the way, Nathan needs some Huggies. So I have to go.

lisa wood

Great to hear that you are looking for that happy ending because you and your hubby so deserve it. A big believer in happy endings because all movies (lives) should have one...so happy to see that you are going to try for another one and not steal one!!! (only kidding) Life is just an amazing experience...gosh i am struggling with words here so before I put my big fat foot in it i will just say one thing, Congratulations on trying again.
Best wishes and love sent your way...
from a distance to you and your gorgeous girls


That is one of my husband's all time favorite movies, too. :)

I think this is a win-win situation, because you are approaching it both emotionally and rationally. You *know* swiping someone else's kid won't replace Thalon any more than having another baby will ... but that doesn't mean your heart doesn't still have plenty of love to add another child to your beautiful family. And yes, everyone deserves that happy ending. I really wish you all the best in getting it.

Sarah B.

Good luck getting pregnant again. We're trying right now too, so I hope we both get what we want. Please promise me, when you do get knocked up, leave the pantyhose and home and just buy the damn diapers. :-)


I think the fact that you were thinking about wanting someone else's child is totally normal. Yes, you *thought* it, but didn't act on it. You are grieving something that's inconcievable to most, and you're right, it's totally unfair that Thalon was taken from you so soon and so suddenly. You deserve a happy ending and I have my fingers crossed for you.


Good luck. :-)


Raising Arizona?

I wish you every success with your baby making plans. I hope it helps with the pain of loosing Thalon. My mother got lucky (?) with me aged 41, my grandmother was 42 having her. It's not over until its over.

Julie Shaner

Good luck getting preggers.....too funny about the movie...hadn't thought about that one in ages....


Best movie ever.

Can't wait to hear the good news. Keeping my fingers crossed.



I wish you luck in creating a baby. He/she will already have a built-in guardian angel.


First, you didn't fuck up Thalon.

Second, you do deserve a happy ending, or as happy as is possible, whatever that ending may be.

You cracked me up with your description of your daughters as poor co-conspirators.


I knew from the first quote my friend! Love you, miss you and think of you all the time....looks like it will be when school starts for our night o' fun! Damn swine flu screwed up everything! Talk soon...


"Edwina's insides were a rocky place where my seed could find no purchase."

I can relate.


Thumb's up to you! GL :)


I wish you the happiest ending possible!!

I am going to share my genius fertility tip with you: stand on your head when you're done with the deed. I had twins. (Don't judge. I wanted a baby THAT bad!)


Great movie, my husband and I love it. Good luck, you deserve to be happy and if you want another child, go for it! I know you have lots of love to give.


I love that movie. I think I need to see about purchasing a copy.

Good luck in whatever you choose to do!



Everybody deserves a happy ending...
There is plenty of love to go around.
Best Wishes...Peace.


You DO deserve a happily ever after.

And besides, you make damn cute babies!!


You didn't screw up - but deep down you know that, I think. And I know about wanting another baby and being "old." As encouragement, my grandmothers were both in their 40s when they had their last (perfectly healthy) children, some 60-odd years ago.


I love, love, LOVE RA - we quote it often. I HEART the Coen brothers.

I know it's hard to believe... but sometimes bad shit happens to good people. For no reason at all.

That is to say, you deserve happiness as much as anyone else.

Fingers crossed.



That is super that you are trying for another...or at least thinking of trying for another. I can't think of a luckier baby than one that gets to have you for a Mom!


The fact that you quote Raising Arizona makes me love you even more than I already did, if loving a total stranger is possible. Best to you....


**We figured there was too much happiness here for just the two of us, so we figured the next logical step was to have us a critter.**

i'm pretty sure that was the movie where i fell in love with nicholas cage but then i wonder "shit what kind of taste in men do you have?" although i don't think it was his intelligence level that attracted me more so than his adoration and full out "i will do anything for you" love for his wife.

this is nobody's life but yours.

so fear not the judgment of others...just make you and your husband and girls happy. all the rest will fall into place as it should:)



Have no fear, I knew EXACTLY what movie it was.

Also, my heart still hurts for you.


I love that movie too. I was looking for one of my favorite movie quotes to tie in but pretty much came up with, "Well, you know what they say: if you don't have anything nice to say about anybody, come sit by me!" Not appropriate.

If you don't try to have one, you won't ever know. You aren't too old. (because you are a few years younger than me)


Shana - We quote that movie all the time! I especially love the part where Gale and Ev are staring at Ed (she's holding Nathan Jr.), and Gale says, "You breastfeedin'? You 'pear da be capeable."...that movie is Caddyshack in nature as it is quotable as the day is long.

You should try for another bebe...it will all work out for you. You're not crazy...I went throught the same feelings of baby stealing (NEVER WOULD), but I had those feelings too...it's allright. I'm so glad you posted...I've been checking in to see how things are, and was glad to see a post today.


little miss mel

Great flick. Thanks for taking me back. :)

You deserve everything you've ever wanted and more. Go get 'em girl!

Ashley Hast

When I read the quotes from the movie, I even imagined it in Holly Hunter's southern drawl.

1: You mean you busted out of jail.
2: No, ma'am. We released ourselves on our own recognizance.
3: What Evelle here is trying to say is that we felt that the institution no longer had anything to offer

Praying for your happy ending.

Creepy Mommy

Raising Arizona. Awesome movie! Shana, I love you. Hugs and love coming your way. I just ant you to be happy.


I miss my shana!!!!!! wahhhhhhhh!!!! swine flu over, wedding over-I need to take your girls so you all can have "time" ;) ;) hubba hubba....i am soo calling you today on my way back from norman town. love you and miss you. I still have that really good poop story i need to tell you. It will make you laugh your ass off.


That's it. I'm sending the lone biker of the apocalypse to shoot some sense into you. You did nothing wrong, and if you and Rich so choose, you absolutely deserve another baby. There's so much love there.


You definitely deserve your happy ending. And of course a new baby won't replace Thalon, nothing will. But you deserve to love another child.


go for it!!!!!!!!


1)"These here are gettin' too big to cuddle." and "They got four other babies, almost as good as this one." Those are the first quotes that come to mind.

2)What happened to your son was NOT your fault. Shit happens, and it sucks ass.

3)Enjoy all the hot, monkey sex as you try to conceive!


Now I want to see that movie again....

I think of you, often.


"He needs his DTAP"
I hear this in my head at random moments.
I say go for it. Making babies that is, not stealing! :)


just a lurker sending love and prayers your way.always in our thoughts. i think another baby would be awesome :) but whatever you due your family is beautiful and any baby born into it would be blessed


The line between sane and insane is a very thin line. A sane person and an insane person can have the same "odd" thoughts, but only the person that is insane will act on those thoughts. It is very understandable you would be thinking those things. It is also very understandable you want to have another baby. A new baby will never replace your sweet boy, but will offer a new beginning to start over again with hope in this new/difficult life you were forced into.

Prayers for you, as always.

Shannon Kieta

Oh Shana...
I have been waiting for you to say you are trying to have a baby. You are so deserving of another baby. Don't EVER think you are not. You are a good mom and did do everything right!!! I know you will be able to get pregnant. As Heather is on cloud nine with "Binky", You will be telling us soon that you will be expecting your new addition soon. So, Start cracking sister and start on the baby-making process. Get off the computer and get started!!!!!


Sending strength


Hey... it's fun TRYIN isn't it... don't forget how much fun it is TRYIN... don't loose the HERE and NOW waiting for the maybe tomorrow...

ALL you got is TODAY... so go and TRY...

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