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06 August 2009


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Lynn from For Love or Funny

I must say that I recently got an iPod and I LOVE playing it in the car. No there's no more frustration when there's nothing to listen to on the radio. :)


I'm also addicted to BB11. I can't help it. I died laughing when I read Technotronic at the top, I just knew you were a fan. I watch After Hours when I get in bed at night. I'm already worried with thoughts of "how am I going to sleep when this season ends..."


I despise those kiosk people at the mall who constantly want to "ask me a question" .... and although I think it's a terrible work ethic, I actually prefer the kiosk vendors who are too busy texting when I walk by to even notice my presence. At least they're not trying to sell me a portrait package or squirt their scented lotion on me or whatever. I would have no problem with pretending to be dense in front of my kids if it meant they would not bother me!


I'm also obsessed with BB this year. So much so that I wanted to have a party on the finale night. So much so that I read the BBUPdates website several times per day. SO much so that I was peeved the site was down this morning.

I do have an Ipod. But I have a teenager who made the music happen. He can't move away.


I smile and walk on at the mall. If I wanted what was being sold, I'd stop on my own. As it is, I hate going to the mall and only go when I cant avoid it.

a madhouse wife

Love my iPod, can't seem to make it do what I want it to. But that's the only technological thing we have. I can't update my facebook status from my phone or anything...or twitter.


Ummmmmmm they have an MP4 player out? I as well don't even own an MP3 Player. I thought I was cool having a Walkman that held CD's. Getting old sucks.


I was so excited to see Technotronic as the title!! I, too am infatuated w/ BB this season!! Dont feel bad, I'm a graphic designer and I suck @ technology too. I can DVR, thats about it... no Ipod, no MP3 player, no BluRay player... just a plain ol' CD player in the truck... oh, I have XM - but dont really like it... and a plain ol' DVD player w/ a VCR in the house. I can surf, read blogs email and use MySpace.. thats about the extent of my techo-savvy-ness.


My appologies.


Do you actually still use your VCR? Because I still have one but haven't turned it on in, oh, 2 years? I usually get my music from iTunes and have uploaded my entire cd collection to my computer (holy moses!) but the other day I bought a cd and felt...nostalgic. Heh.

Sara Mc.

MP4?? Sheesh! I've watched BB11 off and on this year. If they don't get Ronnie out I'm done. Kiosk people are offensive and it makes me wonder what type of person seeks out that kind of employment?


Hello, I'm a lurking reader who doesn't comment but today, I couldn't help myself. I giggled the whole way through this post. I didn't think I was technologically savy myself but after reading this, I feel like Bill mother effing Gates! I think I laughed the hardest because you still have a VCR. I have one too and I get made fun of daily for it...thanks for helping me have a good start to my day!


Oh how I hate those kiosk people. My husband thinks I'm too rude to them, but when they literally step in front of you while you're walking, flat iron pointed at your head...I mean, come on.
And I'm rooting for Jeff & Jordan!!


Kiosk People = Mall Carnies


Ha! My favorite are the people at the mall who want to do your nails and rub your hands with lotion. Excuse me, but no thank you! Eeew.


My VCR is flashing 12:00 at me as we speak. At least I think it is. It was distracting me, so I put a picture frame in front of it.


I think you are absolutely hysterical! I know you are having crappy days - and I'm sorry. But you make mine better for the few minutes each morning when I read what you've written.


I share your obsession with BB and knew from the title that's where you were going. I fell asleep AGAIN to the Showtime show last night. They better get rid of Ronnie tonight, but I wonder who will get the wizard power? Did you see the huge fights from Monday night? Now that's entertainment!


When I saw the post title, I was like "if she isn't talking about Big Brother, I'm not sure we can still be friends."

I am SO GLAD you were talking about Big Brother! I wish I had Showtime!

Also, I hate Ronnie and his thinking that America would give him the power is so laughable.


Oh shit, that was some funny information! Was this before or after I accosted you at the mall! Love you!


I hope the reason your VCR isn't flashing 1200 because you have a DVD player! :)


Love BB11 too. Though I drink AND watch.


Sending you my Comodore 64 STAT!

I can't wait to meet Rich, there is nothing better than a little 80's trivial pursuit in my book!

Debbie in the UK


I love crap TV!! My husband goes mad as he would rather watch Sport :( I always drink vodka when watching TV!

I looked for you on FB but there were lots of Shana Meyers and I didn't want to ask them all to be my friend! Friend me and I promise I wont come over all prissy about any kind of alcohol!!!


J from Ireland

Hi, I am totally addicted to Big Brother UK, I love it and all the drama.
I rarely comment but I just had to let you know I don't think you have drink problems and if I had to deal with the things you have to deal with I certainly WOULD have drink issues.
I love your total honesty and you are very funny too. Thanks for sharing what you do. I think I loved you the minute I read that you drink red bull and vodka!!


Oh yes, Big Brother. Every year we say we aren't going to watch it and every year we get sucked back in. Not sure if it my crush on Jeff or my intense dislike of Jesse, Natalie, Chima & Ronnie that's got me hooked right now.

Just, what ever you do, do not find one of the blogs where people update the live feeds all day....it's really, really bad. Really bad. **Sigh** I don't get a thing done at work these days between facebook & reading someone else's description of who's doing what in the Big Brother house.


I, too, am addicted to BB11. So who are you rooting for? Jeff is definitely my pick...most of the rest just get on my nerves.

Also, that is awesome that you were in Kansas City, Kansas for your vacation. I only live about 40 minutes from Great Wolf Lodge. So happy that you and your family were able to get a vacation. Even better that Thalon wasn't forgotten. You definitely need more friends like those, as Thalon should never be someone that people just whisper about...even though his precious life was cut short he still made a huge difference regardless


My DVD player is about 3 or so years old and I've often wondered why it didn't have a clock on it... Until a few nights ago & I did something to make the clock show up. But now the time is completely wrong and I still don't know WTF I did to get it on in the first place. I'm figuring my 3 YO will be able to fix it for me before I get motivated to look for a user's guide.

Suzy Cassel-Yanez

My favorite at the mall is those cell phone pushers...
They drive me absolutely batshit. And as far as an MP3 or MP4 or an IPOD??? My teens have them...I have absolutely ZERO clue on how to use them. or download...or any of that crap. I guess that makes me old. I privacy protected my FB account and needed my 16 year old to do it for me. Shana friend me on FB!
(Suzy Cassel)


1) GPS? Not all it's cracked up to be. I rely on mine mostly to tell me when to keep left or right if the highway is merging or splitting. We named our GPS Sacagawea, and let me tell you...if Lewis and Clark had been relying on our version of Sacagawea the West would have never been explored.

2) MP4...really?

3) Are people supposed to be playing XBox while they're driving?! lol


We rolled up my oldest's hair for a portrait sitting last month. She looked fabulous. We are visiting family on the east coast and went to an actual functional mall. In the midwest where we live, they are a thing of the past. So there's a thuper gay dude peddling some sort of hair thing. I can only imagine it to have been a hair straightener of sorts. He comes up to my *9* year old, grabs her curls which we SLAVED over and announes, "You, shall be my next fashion model." No asking, rather, a declaration. I mumbled "I don't think so" and shuttled my wide-eyed "WTF is this guy talking to me and TOUCHING MY HAIr" daughter to safety. Good times.

I own a MP3 player, but I don't know how to add songs. My 60 year old father bought it and downloaded them for me.

Now that, is sad.


Oh how I loathe those sea-salt people. Scum of the earth, I tell ya (the people, not the salt). I want to punch them in the face. I've walked by them about twice a day, 5 days a week for about 6 months... you think they'd remember asking me EVERY FREAKIN' DAY. When they say 'can I ask you a question' I say 'you just did'. Sucka'. Okay, I don't actually say 'sucka' but I'd like to.

I am the queen of avoiding things, especially when it comes to gadgets. I'd drive over a bump, my radio would cut out. No problem... I'd find a bigger bump. Eventually it stopped working completely... took me a year to have it looked at... took them 5 minutes to fix. It was a looooong, silent year. Now I rock out continuously and I don't care if people stare at me at red lights (for whatever the reason).

I'm all about Big Brother. Haven't watched tonight's yet. Ronnie's scum. I can't believe he's married and I'm not. Jeff.... mmmmm. Jessie... ew (reminds me of a shruken head person, nobody needs that big of muscles in proportion to their noggen). Chima... gag. Jordan... sweet but so very, very dumb. Michelle... yawn. Kevin... love him. Natalie... meow... hiss hiss. Lydia... crazy, but I can relate.

I have a pong. It still works. Don't judge me. The 80's rocked.

*hugs*! :)


Gasp... I forgot Russell! I think that speaks for itself. Does anything good happen after hours? You know... good? wink, wink... nudge, nudge?


And you shouldn't have to answer to those assholes. Life is too short to waste your time with the bullshit conversations.

I'm over it as well.

And go Team Redbull/Vodka.


I got a free Ipod from a salesperson that came to my work. A year and a half later, I put some songs on it. Hubby uses it when he works out, and I used it when I was running (last summer). I hope we like the songs on it for a long time, because I probably won't bother to add more to it or change it. Heh.

Sarah R

Haha....I don't have an IPod either. I have this old MP3 player from 5 years ago that I haven't used in about 3 years. It's really ghetto and can only fit like, 30 songs on it. Awesome.

Our cell phone is one of those stupid pay-as-you-go ones. No cell phone, no cool ringtones. You can't even hear the fucking thing because the speaker thing is on the BACK of the phone, so you have to use the speakerphone, which doesn't work until the person on the other line picks up (you have to then push a button twice, while they say, "hello? hello? are you there?"). It really is a great feature for nearby serial killers to hear our conversations. Awesome.

The only thing I can say is that my hubby is a computer geek (he was hacking into various websites at age 15, before the internet, when it was still telnet, piecing together pictures of naked ladies by taking bits and bits of file that were just numbers (and then printing them off to bring to his friends at school, who thought he was the shit). Weird kid, I tell ya. But he can build computers from scratch, fix pretty much anything that goes wrong, so he does come in handy that way. :)

Sarah R

(In the comment above, I meant to say, "no camera", not no cell phone...duh me)


You really should get on with things and quit numbing the pain with alcohol.

Oh, excuse me, I had to move my alcoholic drink in order to hit "publish" on this post.

What do they always say? "Those in glass houses..."


So when the burka wearing rags say to you, "May I ask you a question?" answer, "You already did."


Word. I do whatever I can to avoid the kiosk people. What really bugs me is the people who lurk on crowded sidewalks and jump out at you and shout things like, "DO YOU CARE ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT?" They always follow me and ask me if I have a few minutes to talk about it, and I'm like, if I wanted to talk about it right now, I'd be somewhere other than run-walking down the street to my car that's going to get ticketed if you don't get out of my way. They are so aggressive and annoying. At least the kiosk people have to stay near their little stands. But I guess if there's an entire row of kiosks, it's like dodging land mines in a field.


Shana, I have to let you in on a closely-guarded secret that I've kept since high school. I, too, fell in love with your husband because he used big words when stoned. Not to mention that big smile,sexy legs, AND free yogurt.

Shannon Kieta

Not much to say about realtiy TV... i live for it!!!! I have an Ipod and have to BEG my husband to put music on it becuase I am to fucking stupid to know how to do it myself! Oh well! Kudos to you for the VCR!!!


The memory loss/lapse totally makes sense after the tragedy your family has suffered-the body has many strange manifestations of grief, memory being one of many. May I make a suggestion? You know how so many friends and family ask if there's anything they can do, but there really isn't and everyone feels futile... well-think of who you know who's handy w/ technology, and ask them to handle it for you... they'd probably be glad to help in a meaningful way, and it will actually help.

As for losing Thalon, you know there is no getting over it-just getting on w/ it, and only because you have no choice. You're a remarkable writer and it's very big of you to share this with us-undoubtedly, you are helping other parents who have lost children in unspeakable tragedies like your own. Best, Leah


I live to have the Sea Salt people approach me and say, "May I ask you a question?" just so I can reply, "You just did" and walk on.

It's the little things in life...


This all may be true, but you have and know how to use a Wii - which I only laid eyes (and paws) upon my first one 6 weeks ago! You are doing better in some departments, my friend. ;)

Jurgen Nation

"[T]hat is why I had a crush on him in High School. Because he used BIG WORDS while stoned."

DUDE. We really are the same person.

Debbie S.

My response to Kiosk workers? I actually have two different ones.If my kids sre with me and the worker says "May I ask you a question"? I tell them "You just did" :)If I'm by myself, I tell them "If I can ask you one". They usually say sure, so if the worker is male, I ask them "How big is your penis"?, if they are female, I ask them "Are your boobs real"? Usually shuts them up!!


I'm laughing my ass off at the computer situation - I can't tell you how many times I have been in the same situation. The only thing that saved me (because I would often save my passwords on my computer - see the problem with that?), is the "password keeper" on my BB. If I lose it, I'm screwed.

What kind of car do you have that it has an XBox input? I need to know so that I can make sure that my husband NEVER sees it!!


I thought your post title might be a reference to Big Brother!!! I too am thoroughly addicted. Luckily, I am slightly more tech-savvy than you seem to be because I have to download the show since it's not on over here in the Middle East (they do have their own version of Big Brother, Israeli style...I tried to watch one episode but couldn't understand a word and it wasn't the same without Julie). I'm a few episodes behind at the moment, but OMG it is SO good!


Oh wait, I love Big Brother. So glad Ronnie's gone and I'm glad to know I'm not the only one up late at night watching the After Dark mess.

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