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30 August 2009


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Debby Pucci

It looks like fun, who cares about the laundry.


My clean laundry lives on my couch as well, and has been very happy there. My daughter is the same kind of delightful alien - all perky, happy, outgoing, loves singing, loves to dance, LOVES an audience. ALIEN.


That is awesome! Go Moira!

P.S. As I type this, I'm sitting on my couch next to a HUGE pile of clean laundry. I'm hoping it will fold itself and also put itself away. Stupid dumb landry.

Aunt Becky

I'm totally headbanging to this picture. Which probably makes me certifiable. Whoops!


Pretty sure my clean laundry gets dumped on our bed, shoved to the floor when we are too lazy to fold and put it away, put back on the bed the next day, shoved to the floor, wash, rinse and repeat for at least week until we've worn it all and it needs another washing.

Love singing Moira, when do I get to come and meet her?!?


What is the song?


Is that Moira sleeping in the background?

So was Celia singing along to The Cult?? Heh. Heh heh.


Yes!!!! Go child, go!!!!!

Oh, eff the laundry. You should see my place.


i totally want your kick ass t.v.

and i figure as long as the kids have clean spoons all is okay with my "mom of the year" points.


Shannon Kieta

The point of all this is... Happy kids!!! Right??? All that matters. Fuck the laundry...wherever it may be hanging! You don't even want to see my house on the weekends when I have 4 Kiddos!!!!! Rock on Girl!!!!!!!!!!


Looks like a mama's girl! So cute.


So cute!


Video! Video!


Disgusting! ;) We lived out of our suitcases for a few days after returning from Washington. Once we ran out of clean clothes from there, we lived out of the folded clean hamper clothes for another week.


So cute! She's rocking out in her PJs! AWESOME!


The child crashed in the background is freaking adorable. That would totally be me these days...

Single Jen

My laundry is currently hanging out on my dining room table. My NEW dining room table, at that. As soon as I got it, I thought "wow" perfect place for my laundry. At least it's CLEAN laundry. It's now been there for a couple weeks. Whatever, who cares!

Glad to see you rockin' on girl. Keep it up.

Still Single Jen


My laundry is still residing on top of the dryer. My husband regularly scavenges in his pile for clean boxers but I don't think it would ever occur to him to pick up the pile and put it away. And, we don't even have kids. So, it looks like you are well ahead of the game there, buttercup.

Love the pic. Singing Moira is quite adorable.

Sara @heartmychloe

haha cute! i'd be rockin out the drums for sure =)


oh my god. I love her.


beautiful picture, nothing like family time.
and i fold my clothes on the table so i "have" to move them otherwise they would never be put away. love, hugs and peace always being sent your way :)


She's SO like you! ;-)


Ya... the only time my laundry makes it out of the dryer is when more laundry has to go in it. It's convenient to keep it in the dryer... a 5 minute go 'round in the morning and it's not only wrinkle free but warm! Mmmm.... toasty! ;)

You rock. Moira rocks (clearly). Let nobody tell you differently. The clothes are clean. All else is trivial.


We play Guitar Hero with my 5 year old too and she loves it. Is it bad that she knows all the words to Eye of the Tiger?

As for laundry, I don't mind washing it or drying it -- it's putting it away that never seems to happen here either.


haha Moira has got some big feet! what size does that child wear? Looks like a blast!

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