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14 September 2009


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Oh, SO glad to see someone else took the back to school pictures late too!!


I love that Celia is all teeth and little Moira is trying with all her might not to let a tooth slip out. Happy month back to school, I am famous for re-creating photo op's so I won't judge.


They're gorgeous! Don't feel bad- I am in the process of pulling my daughter out of one school and getting her enrolled at a different one...guess that means a new photo op...


Your girls are adorable! Sweet pictures.


So cute!

I remember my mom doing this through about first grade. And then I don't remember her doing it anymore.

Aunt Becky

I'm pretty sure that you cloned all three of your kids. They all look just like you.

J from Ireland

Gorgeous girls. I was forgetting to take pictures on the first day when I was reminded by my 9yr old son, I felt like shit, but better lare than never, I say!!


At least they're facing the camera. My daughter immediately turns her back whenever the camera is pointed remotely in her direction. We've had to resort to paparazzi-style photos. (and your girls are lovely)


They are so cute! Too bad you didn't let them cut their bangs themselves. Then their pictures would've look exactly like my school pictures.


Your daughters are stunning!


They are just so freaking adorable - they make me smile.


And thats how I roll too. Uniforms make it possible to say yu took it anytime; who's gonna know the difference. The girls look happy with those big smiles. Good job momma!


Great pictures! The girls are lovely...


Ahhh, yes. The "cheesy" smile, the "no teeth" smile, the "I'm opening my mouth doesn't this count as a smile" smile ..... every phase, we've gone through it here at our house, too. :)


They're both precious! I love their sweet little smiles, too! =)


Cute Cute Cute. Did I mention they are cute?


Celia smiles just like Alexis does! It must be a six year old thing!

Sarah R

So cute, techniques and all! :)


Beautiful young ladies! :)


Too cute. Your girls are beautiful.


Very pretty little children! But so modest with the camera! :) (My girls are freaking hams)

Ashley Hast

This looks *very* similar to the smiling technique I use with my 5 year old daughter. (i.e. bribery/threatening). Our other daughter, 2 year old Porkchop (i.e. Violet) loves to take her picture, and immediately wants to see the result so she can tell me how cute she is. Stuck on herself already, at the ripe old age of 2.

Your girls are supah-cute!


Oh they are so cute. And I have back to school pictures taken of me back in the day and something about this type of picture never stops being hilarious.


You have adorable chillin's.


Very cute. :)

Shannon Kieta

Shana... Like you, the girls are gorgeous! The lips get me. You are a great mom. Shannon


beautiful! and i think im gonna steal your word chillins:) peace and love always

Evelyn in Maine

Gorgeous children!


Beauties, both. And who cares that they are not on the 1st day of school.


Awesome! What sweet pics--they are too cute. Thanks for sharing! I once was babysitting two little boys for 2 days (I was in college, their parents were at a conference), and one of the days was the first day of school. I took pics of the kids, and their parents were sooooo grateful and made me feel like I had done something amazing for remembering. Sadly now that I am a parent for real it seems like I never have a camera handy when I need one.


adorable! you reminded me of a funny thing my daughter heard a comdeian say once: "Somersaults. That's how I roll." :-)


Wow,, at least you did the pics. I felt so guilty after watching everyone else's blogs post first day pics that I drug my camera to the carpool line and attempted to take a picture of my son sitting there waiting for me. It wasn't much of a pic. Maybe you've inspired me to line my kids up tomorrow and blog "5th Week of School Photos". Hee.


Don't feel bad. The family pictures on our walls don't have our 9 year-old, our 6 year-old, and our 2 year-old in it. So you're doing pretty darn good!


Despite your blog's name? Your kids are not really that hairy at all!! All 3 = adorable.

By the way these pics definitely motivates me to get my kid into a uniform-school when the day comes - one less battle for the morning.

Rachel B

Those quirky smiles are simply adorable! I still think about you so often. I'm sure that your days are busy and filled, but still so empty without him.


Sweet girls!




Those are some mighty good lookin' chillin's.

I totally forgot the 1st day pics. I might have to follow in your footsteps and do a 'better late than never' set.

xo Kim


They are beautiful!


Oh my lord, the toofers! So beautiful they are!


What beautiful girls...


Oh Shana, late or not the photos are great and your girls are just gorgeous.


Your chitlins are delicious.


cutie pies!

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