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07 September 2009


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My trigger word these days is "honestly" . I hear "Honestly, (blah blah blah)" so much that my friend and I walk around saying "DIShonestly, (blah blah blah)...." which makes us feel somewhat better.

But I still want to choke a bitch when I hear it.

I get that kind of irony, BTW. That kind of stuff seems to happen to my husband all of the time, and it's starting to happen to me too. Ugh, ugh, and ugh. You could use a break, for cripes sakes!

haitian american family of three

Heh. I can't spell my kids middle name either.


Literally. Actually. Honestly. Really. Totally.

I use all of these words WAY too much. I know it ... I see myself doing it ... I read what I type .... then am helpless to stop myself.

Maybe there is a 12-step program for people like me?

Lynn from For Love or Funny

Dang. Your new old car isn't supposed to do that sort of thing. Honestly, I think you should literally dump the car and buy a brand NEW one. Wouldn't that be ironic?


Rain on your wedding day = crap load of kids Hmmm...

While my husband & I were saying our vows it started pouring rain. A beautiful sunshiney day & BOOM! rain.... that would explain the 4 kids that popped up over the next 7 years :oP

I hear lots of misused ironic's & literally's, irritates me to no end. Did anyone go to school & learn to use them properly?


My new least favorite word is Seriously. I'm sorry, I do think you used it up there, and I'm not pissed off about it or anything. But, I do think it's getting way over-used in the world today. Just sayin'.

Oh and one other thing,,, I hate cars.


Well, was she named after Stevie Ray? :-)

My 10 yr old uses "literally" All. The. Time. This is after we got her to stop saying everything was "awkward."

Sorry about the car. That IS ironic. And sucky.


I saw a book review recently where the reviewer said that the book was so good that she was "literally reading it a page at a time." Yep, that's the way to do it.


I've been tempted to turn my Uncle into Hoarders. I can just picture him screaming, "BUT THAT WILL BE WORTH MONEY ONE DAY," as they pitch his shit into a dumpster.


I admit to overuse and abuse "literally", "seriously", and adding "frankly" to the list. Sorry. And, Tracy, my 10 year old uses "awkward" constantly too! Where did that come from?!

No matter how you spell it, I really like Moira's middle name... it's different and has a really nice ring to it.


Totally... That word gets under my skin. As in "Oh, I totally get it." "He is totally crazy." "I totally dont understand". UGH!!!

I use "ugh" way too much and I've been known to say "right" too many times. Perhaps I should judge the "totally" people of the world...


I could at a litany of words that are used incorrectly seeing as I am surrounded by high school students every day. The phrase that bugs me (but isn't used incorrectly) is "at the end of the day" I am so TIRED of that phrase.

little miss mel

My grandmother's maiden name was Vaughan, so go with that one. ;)

I find myself being a valley girl more than I should. Like, like, like, like TOTALLY!


So I saw on the feeds that Natalie was all "America probably hates me because I was aligned with Jesse and they don't like Jesse." And I'm all "No, America hates you because you're a LYING BITCH with an annoying voice!" UGH! HATE HER!

I watched Hoarders for the first time yesterday. I've discovered the new diet fad - watch this show and then be skinny because you'll NEVER EAT AGAIN. I haven't had an appetite since I watched it. That woman with the food grossed me out FOR YEARS! Literally.


Oooh, Stacie! I wonder what TV show our kids are watching that has a character who says "awkward" all the time.


Add fabulous to that list. I think it now means "I am going to lie and say fabulous when I think it's shit." Literally. Or air quotes. I better stop now.


I totally love this post. Heh. I, too, hate most of the words you and the commenters have identified. I hate Natalie and her voice with a passion - even her whispering annoys me! I saw Hoarders for the first time last night (I watched 2 hours of it) and I found myself feeling sick, or stressed, or something. It was so disturbing. I watch Intervention regularly and I thought that show showed the sick side of life that I don't see myself. Now, however, Intervention seems like nothing. Yeesh.

Aunt Becky

I hate anyone who uses any variation of blog/blogging. Like this, "I was feeling sad so I blogged on my bloggy blog."

I also hate this migraine that I cannot get rid of. LITERALLY.


Hoarders scares the shit out of me.

Intervention reminds me of my twenties.

I like Moira's name. Vaughn/Vaughan is completely bad ass.


I like to watch "Hoarders" to feel all superior as I don't keep yogurt in the garage until it swells. I told my husband that perhaps when he and I pass, we should just right in the will to burn the house down. It will save people a lot of trouble sifting through our crap.


And in "right" I meant "write". Too busy being smug to notice the spelling. Damn it.


It's ok..my dad didn't even know how to spell my middle name and fought me about it until I whipped out the birth certificate around 16. It's as simple as "is there an E on the end of Anne or not?" no need to fight about it. oh yeah speaking of names, I tweeted you today about the book I just finished having a character named Celia in it..never seen it before except on your blod.


and by "blod" i mean blog


Oh Good God Megan, I totally (sorry) forgot about this until I read your comment. My freaking parents mispelled my name (my first name!!!) on their trust documents. They only have 2 kids for God's sakes!! When my mom passed and my dad decided to put her kids' names on the back of her headstone, I told him "YOu better spell my name right. I would hate to see you out there with a chisel fixing it!!!"


do they give percs to everyone after giving birth?

i want some!


Oh my you are just too funny. I dislike the use of those words too, drives me just a little nutty.


I gave out my 3rd daughter's birthday wrong for about 2 years. I still have to think about it. THank God the 4th kid had the smarts to be born on a holiday so I won't forget the date.


Hoarders is my new tv addiction. It's repulsive, yet fascinating. I can't believe that people actually live like that.

Vaughn/Vaughan is a pretty cool middle name.


I totally thank "Hoarders" for making my family look reasonable, literally. Which is actually rather ironic, considering.


A friend of mine couldn't remember her youngest child's middle name at all, until her other children reminded her that it was her maiden name! Either way you spell it, it is an awesome name!


We were eating out the other night, and our waitress was telling a (pointless) story and said "I literally had a cow".

When I asked if it hurt, she just looked at me like I was crazy.

I imagine having a cow would be painful, right?

I'm glad I'm not the only word nerd.


Your posts always make me smile... literally smile. At least I used the word correctly, right? =)

For some reason, I hate the word "respectful". I mean, I like the concept, but not the word. Guess it's from being in education too long (you hear that word at schools A LOT).

By the way, Moira is a beautiful name... regardless of how you spell the middle name!


I think Moira "whatever-her-name-is" should dress up like a German for Halloween. Think of all the literal :) possibilities: a Beer Maid, Heidi, a Fraulein, a Leiderhosen, Nazi. So many to choose from....


"Classy" is the word that really bugs me. If something is classy, you probaby don't need to describe it that way, it should just be obvious!


Text, Texting, Tweet, Tweeting, are getting on my nerves these days. What is the correct past tense of "text" anyway?


Are we doing Word Usage That Bugs Me? Yay! I love this game!

I think it's a regional thing, but EVERYONE here (NM) says "these ones". Which shoes do you like? These ones or those ones? Oh those ones are cute! GAH. It's just THESE or THOSE. WTH!

This is LITERALLY driving me slowly insane. Honestly. ;-)

noble pig

I often forget how to spell my kid's first name.


I keep hearing "you know?" interjected about 10 times per sentence, and that's pretty annoying after a while. Seeing people constantly misuse its/it's and your/you're in print is a lot more annoying, though. The Fuddruckers transformation from Idiocracy will eventually come true.

a madhouse wife

My parents still argue about how to spell my sister's middle name (Rachelle or Rochelle--no one knows). Literally! ;)


My maiden name is Vaughan (pronounced Von)....definitely go with that spelling. It's welsh by the way (not German).


Your version of Hoarders sounds a lot scarier - although the episode this week with the dead cats was pretty bad. I KNOW it's an illness, but yet I can't understand how people can live this way. Makes me realize that we lived near a hoarder growing up, but there was never a name for it.

I cringe when I hear people use the word "literally" -I don't think I've ever used it heard correctly.


TypePad HTML Emailour last name is Myers so it really does sound very German when said together.


Hoarders freaks my shit out but I CAN NOT STOP watching it.


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