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15 December 2009


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Your daughters are gorgeous! This is a really lovely post; I love how you describe Moira's personality.

I see the camel, but what animal is at the top of the manger? And is that a spotty dog to the right?


Happy birthday to the beautiful Moira!


Happy Birthday to Moira!

What a beautiful tribute to your daughter.


Happy Birthday to Moira!
You really have beautiful girls, I think your going to have your hands full in a few years.


Happy Birthday, Moira!


Beautiful post for a beautiful girl. OMG, your girls are gorgeous. Get on the crowbar, you are going to be beating boys off them left and right!

Alicia @bethsix

Happy birthday, funny Miss Moira!

Lisa Capra

Happy Birthday!!


Beautiful post and pics!!! Such great dresses.

Happy Birthday!!!

I totally agree w/ the ass kicking " no matter what the principal says" ......

Sara K.

Happy Birthday Moira!

I had to laugh at the last part, I completely understand!

haitian american family of three

Wow, they are both truly beautiful!!


So. Dang. Cute. That post definitely brought a smile to my face today! You make gorgeous people!


happy birthday, have a lovely day!!

are you having a party?

your girls are absolutely gorgeous!


Oh, your girls are STUNNING.

Happy Birthday Moira. Hope you win the ring toss, sweetheart.


PS I love the camel. Totally looks like it has buttocks


I agree, the baby Jesus picture is the bomb .... I esp love what appears to be a nurse on the right, bringing him a cool refreshment on a tray. :)

Happy Birthday, beautiful girl!!


Gorgeous! Happy birthday Moira!


Gorgeous girlies! & a big Happy Birthday shoutout to Moira :o)


beautiful. I want to be Moira.


They are stunning. Happy Birthday.


So sweet. Happy Birthday, Moira!!

Shannon Kieta

You are truly, truly blessed! WHat BEAUTIFUL girls! See what you have accomplished! You did a terrific job raising two beautiful girls. As far as the thumb-sucking; Nico will be 5 in May, he still sucks his thumb. I don't quite know what to do to stop it. His teeth aren't bad...yet! I sucked MY thum until I was 12!!! YIKES! I pray he does NOT follow in my footsteps!
Check out my blog!!!!!!!)Keeping up with the Kieta's

Heather Ann

Happy birthday sweet Moira.


Happy Birthday, Moira!

Beautiful girls. They sound like they have wonderful personalities too. I wonder what God tells Moira when everyone finally quiets down...


Happy Birthday!

I am all stinking teary eyed:) that was Beautiful.

peace and love


Happy Birthday Moira!

Beautiful post, Shana, and happy anniversary-of-Moira's-birth to you too!


Best. Birthday. Letter. Ever.

Melissa Brake

Happy Birthday Moira!!! You are an amazing and precious girl, who brings so much joy to so many people!!!


What a wonderful love letter to your daughter. Wish I had the ability to craft something so meaningful. Then again, my kid would probably read the whole thing and then focus on the fact that I didn't think her crap was golden!!!

Happpy Birthday, Moira. You choose a really awesome Mommy!


Happy Birthday Moira! It is always a big deal when you get to hold up whole hand to show how old you are! You are a beautiful girl outside and from what your Mom has written inside as well.

Shana, Happy Giving Birth to Moira day. I used to pull out the video on each one of my boys Bday's and watch the birth. But then I would just remember how much it hurt ;) Damn epidurals never worked for me. They grow up so fast my oldest is 17 and driving. Wow! Enjoy your sweet girls. Both of them. They are gorgeous!

little miss mel

Aweeeee, SWEET, SWEET girl.

Happy Birthday Moira!!

The pic of the girls is DARLING. They are gorgeous!!!!

Love them.


Happy Birthday, Moira!!! What a beautiful, sweet girl!


What a beautiful, real post. Thanks for sharing.


I think that not only are you lucky to have such amazing children, but that they are blessed to have such loving and amazing parents :) Many wishes for peace and joy in the coming year!


Oh she IS a big deal! You can just tell. Happy Birthday to her!

Ah, that face! Oh, those faces! Precious!


Happy Birthday to Moira! They are both so beautiful.


Happy birthday Moira!

Your daughters are so beautiful, Shana.


Happy Birthday to BEAUTIFUL Moira!


Happy birthday to Moira!! A truly lovely, heartfelt, honest and hilarious birthday post. What a lucky family!


Happy 5th Moira! I loved that post. Especially the part where she watches over her big sister.

Not that this is all about me or anything, but it's my kid's birthday today too. Let's hope there's something to the whole zodiac sign thing, and my daughter has the same sweet personality that Moira does.


Aww Happy Birthday Moira! :)


Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday to Moira! Both your girls are BEE-U-TEE-FUL! I know this boy about her age...jk. He already has a "girlfriend." :(


Oh my gosh, I adore your child! What a beautiful birthday tribute - she sounds just as special as her mamma.

J from Ireland

Happy Birthday. Wow, your daughters are stunners. Happy Holidays.


Happy Birthday Moira!
I guarantee she will be the one breaking hearts. How lucky you are to have such a precious soul.

Aaron's Mama

What beautiful children you have! You should be waaaaaaaay proud! Happy Birthday Moira!

Aunt Becky

Happy Birthday, sweet thang. Your Internet Auntie Becky loves you.


FIVE! So lovely, both of them. Happy Birthday Moira!




Happy Birthday, beautiful Moira! I can't wait to meet you. Have fun today and on your trip! XOXO

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