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09 December 2009


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I feel old after reading how many people weren't even born when Elvis died. I'm not sure why, I shouldn't be surprised that there are people as young as - gasp - 32! I was 15, on a camping trip with my family and we spent the night in our makeshift camper listening to news updates about his death on the radio. I felt the gravity of his death but was not personally much of a fan.

My brother swallowed a penny when he was a baby and had to have it fished out in the emergency room. That is my one and only penny swallowing story.

You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers on December 22nd and over the holidays. Enjoy Memphis as much as you can.


Eh, I forgot to mention - I am a fan of young Elvis in the movies, just not so much his music. Weird, I know. I don't blame you for keeping the girls from the older Elvis. To me, that isn't the *true* Elvis anyway.


I lived and worked in Memphis. After you visit Graceland, take the girls down to the Peabody Hotel and watch the ducks walk through the lobby! It's a Memphis tradition!

Kristen Rivera

I think any excuse to get out of town on Christmas is a good one. And at least you guys didn't pick a "Christmas-y" place to go, full of tourists and boring Christmas programs and tacky lights. You get to take in Graceland and eat barbeque! Woohoo! That sounds like one he'll of a deal to me


I live in Memphis and there are plenty of things to do here this time of year. If you get a chance, check out Starry Nights at Shelby Farms. It's a huge, drive-through Christmas Light display and they do a nice job.

I hope you and your family have a nice trip!

In Due Time

I'll be going back home to visit family in Memphis too around then. If you want to go for a drink hit me up.

Thinking about you all!


Memphis is great -- hope you have/had an awesome time with your family. You'll get there -- just hang in there until you do.


It's good you're going away - we did too, and it was a good thing. Elvis? Don't remember where I was, he really wasn't on my radar screen then (I was 8, didn't know anybody who liked him....small PA town). Graceland did not impress me, but I'm a snob that way.


I was already grown up ( yes, I am older than dirt) and standing on a street corner in San Francisco ( where I lived at the time) with my friends Gary and Bruce and we saw the headlines in a news stand.

I actually did go to Graceland once on a trip cross country. The decor in the mansion is so wonderfully tacky. Very enjoyable.

If you make a wrong turn and end up in New Jersey stop on by. We have rum and cookies and what more does one need at Xmas?

Serena Beltz

Mama, my heart breaks for you, Rich and the girls...I will be thinking of you on the 22nd....Chicago is here if you still want to venture up--we're here until the 27th.

Much love,


kim @ mommyknows

My mom caught me with money in my mouth at about age four and scared the shit out of me. Apparently, NOTHING is as dirty as money ... NOTHING! People do all kinds of nasty things and then touch money. I never put it in my mouth again.

Elvis --> I was in a convertible in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, driving past the Penitentary. It was a touristy kind of thing. It was hot and sunny. I remember the radio announcer telling us we'd never forget where we were at that moment, and I never have.

My kids loved the children's museum in Memphis, if you get tired of Elvis, check it out.

Sara Mc

I love Memphis! You should all check out Beale Street and make a stop into Strange Cargo. Cool store! I'm sure I've swallowed some coins in my day, but the one story that's always told is how I shoved foam rubber up my nose and didn't say anything for about two weeks. Something about watching Mr. Roger's? I don't remember doing it. Ha! My poor mother! Guess she didn't learn her lesson with me...she had four more after me and my older brother!
I hope you enjoy your time in TN.


Is it wrong that I'm wondering if the penny ever came out?

Barbeque and Elvis and cocktails sounds like my kind of Christmas. I'll be sending out good thoughts to you on the 22nd, lady. (I know how you feel about hugs.) You can't catch a break on holiday date significance... Dave's dad died on 1/2/03, and New Year's is his trigger. I'm not going to be pat and say "it gets better". I think it just gets less raw. Anyway, screw it - hugs to you.

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