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18 August 2010


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Mama in the City

Oh those girls are so sweet! It is a milestone for sure, acknowledge it however you want!


Beautiful kiddos! :-)


gah. my baby is starting kindergarten too! I KNOW this feeling OMG.


OMG! Now I can drift even further into the hole that Big Brother has created in my life LOL. Is it not enough that my husband, upon learning from a message board that Rachel had come back, ordered the live feed and we have the running almost nonstop on our laptop so we can at least hear if not actually watch it all the time? hahaha. The drama in that house is insane.


Your girls are beautiful. Mine is starting middle school (MIDDLE SCHOOL, OMFG!!!!) this year and it seems like yesterday that she started kindergarten.


Adorable girls!!! Dont worry, Mama... You can do it!


You couldn't possibly have been the only one crying...

I actually stopped on Big Brother in my channel flipping last night...I almost got sucked in, but I resisted!


Your girls are so beautiful. I dread the day mine go off to school....I know I will be a big baby.

Oh and I think that site is my new obsession!!! I am a Big Brother whore. :)


My mom used to pose us in front of the trees at our house on the first day of school for photos too! :-)


They're so beautiful!!


your girls are gorgeous. i hope they had a great first day of school, and i hope you managed to make it through okay.


Your kids are so freaking adorable!


Back-to-school daze are here... Des started 5th grade yesterday. I just know I'm gonna here all about how I am NOT smarter than a 5th grader for at least the next 12 months.


Your girls are gorgeous beyond words! Makes me want to reach out and hug them (I would do NO such thing) and I'm not even a "kid person".


Such cuteness your two girls are! My older kiddo starts full day Kindergarten on Monday and his little brother will be in preschool starting the week after. Exciting stuff but you know I will be bawling when I pull out of the church parking lot on Monday AM!

Michelle Pixie

Omigod! Can your girls get any cuter?! I am sorry you were a mess...I wish I had been there to cry with you. I never let anyone cry alone!

Can we just say I do love BB and what a find on this one! I am watching the clock until it comes on again. This diamond veto is too scrumptious. ;-)

Caroline Dawson

So frickin' cute! Mini Mrs Gorillabuns!

Debby Pucci

Your girls are so pretty. Those are cute pictures and I hope they have a wonderful year of school. Bunny is so sweet. Like the BB link too.


Your girls are beautiful! Thanks for the new Big Brother Link. I think I'm starting to want the "Brigade" to win.....sad...I know.


your kids look adorable!


I'm so confused!!!!

P.S. The girls are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!


You're writing at Urban Moms? WHAT? Congrats, Shana.

The photos of your girls are adorable. Per usual. :)


Your daughters....well, they just look SO grown up! They're also beautiful!


So dang cute!!! But wow, why do they start school so early? Are they on the year round schedule? Kaed is going to 7th grade on Tuesday!! UGH!


Ok seriously those girls are too adorable! When my son started kindergarten (he's 21 now) I was the dorky mother who GOT ON THE BUS to take pictures. And cried all the way to work.


Damn cute girls!!! Seriously, what little lovelies.


PreK and 1st nearly did me in today. next year, I'll be in your shoes and bawling my eyes out.


Jesus Christ, I am crying about how to decide which pre-preschool class my girl with CP belongs in. Sobbing. How will I ever deal with her first day of indergarten in a freakin' cute uniform??? How??? Like you, I am not one of those cryers who hides it well. In fact, I suck at it. Sigh.


Love the pictures! Why do school uniforms make me think of Britney Spears?
If found the best site ever if you watch Teen Mom or Jersey Shore... www.imbringingbloggingback.com


Don't know how I missed this! I hope their first week back at school was a success.


You make beautiful children. For reals.

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