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16 May 2014


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I love this. Good luck.

grace in chattanooga

Holding hope in my heart for you. Love.


Awesome post. Hope your "mix tape" continues to surprise you....in a good way.

alyssa ettinger (@ettingerdesign)

i loved mix tapes. i tried CD mixes but they weren't the same. have you read "love is a mix tape?" wait, don't read it unless you want to cry. sending thoughts from BK. xxx


Love these words. Love you and have wished happiness on you for a long time. I hope you're happy. ((Hugs))

Single Jen

Umm, wow. That was kinda awesome and beautiful.


This one brought tears to my eyes, lots of them. <3


The mix tape is dead... Long live the mix tape! That was some serious analogizing - not sure that's a word! But I hope ... I hope so very much for you! You and yours. I hope things are heading in the right direction for you.



Eve I ate your damn Apple

Well I really needed that reminder today.


Oh, the mix tape!!! Those were really good times!!!


How's your mix tape buns? You ok?

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