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18 June 2014


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Beautiful. The tattoo, the post and your feelings.


I like it - the post and the tattoo. They both feel...a little more peaceful, and I hope that's how you are feeling too.


I love it, love it, LOVE it. I'm so glad this ode to Thalon has made a difference for you. I love the touching and reminding. :xxxx


I love it, and I love you.


I'm not into tattoos either. I never knew what I would want on me for the rest of my life unless it was something to do with my children. This is absolutely perfect, though. I am so glad it brings you comfort.


I get that this is a happy post.... but I have to admit I was a little teary eyed reading it... BUT then I came to THIS -> "I touch it many times during the day. I rub it like I would rub the top of his head or his back when he was slightly restless." and I'm full on bawling my eyes out @ my desk.

You are awesome, and the T is perfect!


How awesome! So glad that you have something that brings you a bit of solace. Hang in there and I think you are awesome. LOVE the tattoo.


I love it!!!

I was 40 when I got my first (of now several) tattoo.

The tattoo artist once said to me "husbands come and husbands go, but your kids are your kids forever".

I have my kids' names tattooed on my shoulder :)


Beautiful, both the post and the tattoo. I love that it's your writing. Many, many hugs to you.


I am a no tattoo woman married to a man who does not like tattoos. But if I ever did get one it would be for something as symbolic as you and T. Much love.




It is beautiful, like your little man. I am glad it brings you some solace.


It's beautiful, perfect and unique - just like Thalon.
I got my first tattoo on my 60th birthday. Something simple and meaningful to me. I needed it.


I think that's the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.


I love it. And I am so happy you love it...may it always bring peace to your broken heart.


Beautiful !!


It's lovely. Perfect.
I think I've hated the "it is what it is" phrase since it was on Big Brother Season "long time ago" EVERY EPISODE.
Some douche kept saying it. But sometimes, it's all there is to say.
Love that song.


Shana, This is a beautiful post. Your tattoo encapsulates perfectly both the the longing and pain which you will carry forever and the tragically short time you had with him (does he sometimes feel like he was just a fleeting, sweet dream? How have five years passed?) Your calm and peace come through in this post and I hope it hangs around for a while. Like you said, It is what it is, and whether we like it or not, life does go on.


Just got my first at 39. You don't need validation from any of us. You did exactly the right thing. I am SOO glad it gives you a piece of him on you that will never go away. What a beautiful, precious life to remember in such a perfect and personal way.


Yep yep yep. I was disappointed that mine didn't hurt more, and yet it still hurts every day.


This gave me chills mama! It is perfect.


I'm late to comment, but couldn't leave until I did.
I get EVERY word you said.

I had the e.e.commings poem "i carry your heart" for my son who died, inked on my right forearm. That was where his head met my arm when he was safe inside my belly. I didn't chose color ink, I picked white. Because I didn't want to share him with everyone. I loved it. Then it faded into nothing. How's that for a mind fuck? So I had the 1st part redone on my inner bicep. Then that faded. So I had it re-done recently, and now there's a wonky double image of it on one part. And you know what, it is what it is.

Your tattoo is beautiful. I'm sorry you needed to get that one done, though. :(


This is really beautiful--the tattoo and you are such a testament to your boy. I've been reading your blog for so many years and am grateful for your no-holds-barred writing on the reality of grief. It's a lifeline to so many people who aren't strong or brave enough to articulate the chaos and awful of it all. Thank you for your honesty and the force of your spirit. xo


what doing this weekend?


I'm totally stalking your blog right now. Can I meet you at the 711? I know we're both married and I was raised on the teat of Rush Limbaugh but I do know how to make a mean slushie.

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