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02 August 2014


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I think I've said this before, but I just love your photos. Most of the photos people put on their blogs are the digital equivalent of white noise, but yours are always worth looking at. The first three in this post (wait, not the pore-sucking one, so the second through fourth photos) are really something special. Also the one with all the tiny ... waitresses? I don't know what they're supposed to be dressed as, but I like that picture. If you were ever inclined to do something professionally with your photography, I think you could.

And second, that is a lot of tags.


wow your oldest looks like a young Phoebe Cates. so gorgeous. yikes.


Do you have something against walls of one color? :) We're so boring in my house.

Summer is a time of being too busy to perform your normal routine. Revel in it!

suzy briel

where did you get that face scrubber sucker? I love things like that and I would likely be just as addicted...I have tried to search and cannot find it....

btw I have stalked your site for awhile and always love your point of view!


Hi Shana, Your girls are looking so grown up and beautiful. I recently retired and have moved from Albuquerque to Prescott, AZ. You had sent me your "secret" blog address, which seems to have been lost in the move. I love following you and would love it if you would send me the info at my new email address.



Whats the name of the scrubber? C'mon spill the beans! I want!!

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