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10 November 2014


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Bitches, man. What's hilarious is that men think women don't know from bitches. We've forgotten more than they'll ever know... Mean girls suck. :/


Just work on her self confidence and give her alternative things to do and learn if she feels left out. Pop Warner cheer helped Mandy in middle school -the coach treated the girls like military so the drama was minimal, yet Mandy got to cheer and wear cute uniforms outside of school which gave her cachet and structure and a sense of superiority, lol.

My hell was in 4rth and 5th and because of books and I am just Teflon I guess,and finally ended up with a couple of decent friends so I survived, lol. But . .. . here is a sample - my given name is Rebecca. Well for quite awhile I was "Rebecca of FunnyFreak Farm" . .yada yada yada . . .Was pushed at/on the Fat boy outcast Kurt Miller, who also survived due to being perfectly happy in his weirdness.

AND YOU KNOW WHAT IS HYSTERICAL? I am still friends with Kurt on Facebook (known him since Kindergarten) - he still is weird but not scary weird - and now he is beloved by the class including prior tormentors - he is just "Kurt - OUR weirdo"

Make sure she has God to talk to.


Also, your pumpkins are awesome!


Apparently, I forgot to do the security think on my other fabulous comment and closed the page before I noticed. Sigh...

Good luck with the bitches. I hope Celia actually takes that "no one is any better than anyone else" thing to heart before letting these fools get to her. I just keep going over the idea of true friends and how they behave with my girl, in hopes that she won't either hook up with the wrong crowd and be a mean girl (paternal genetics potential, there) or get her feelings hurt.


"You give them control and in the end you give Blanes of the world control later." AMEN and can I get a hallelujah? I thought of my niece the other day- she's 20 something now and still has problems with women. For her 16th birthday party, no one showed. Because the mean girl upstaged her with an event that night. I remember running across town trying to rescue her night and her self esteem with her mom and grandma and auntie in tow. That is the epitome of mean girl behavior to me and I shudder to think of what my now four year old will go through someday. I want her to keep her kick ass four year old self for the next 15 years because right now? She'll shank you if you touch her waffles.


Would you get as much satisfaction out of making a big ass jungle ecosystem for your own sake though? ;) I can only say this as a former homeschool teacher…. because I was not so ambitious! HA.

Your girls are so incredibly lucky though. You are one of the most hands-on, emotionally available mama's I know even though you've had all the reason in the world to check out -- but you never have. Major props and much love, my friend. x

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