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01 November 2014


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When I was a kid I was, "why does my mom always lose her shit around the holidays??"

I totally get it now.

Also, don't stop writing, harlot.


You always have the best Halloween costumes!

grace in chattanooga

I think you are wonderful. And if the blog dies a quiet natural death, I will still think you are wonderful.


I love your costumes! Now that I know who they are (I am not a Real Housewives follower, so...)

My girl almost had the same costume as Moira, but in pink. It was the least offensive of the costumes for girls her age, so I didn't object. But she wanted to be able to carry around a stuffed dog, and I told her she couldn't because it didn't make any sense. Then we were going to make her a Minion costume, but she said no. She ended up going as Agnes from Despicable Me, so she could carry around a stuffed unicorn. However, she made arrangements (and then made me inform his mother of them. WTF?) to go trick-or-treating with a boy from her class who lives in our subdivision, and she said "I will be something pretty, because he's going to be scary." First, OK - do what you want. Second, there are no rules about how many scary costumes abound. Finally, he was Hiccup from How To Train Your Dragon, so...not scary. I don't know where she gets this stuff from. I think it's encoded in the DNA she got from my husband. :(


Celia's costume is awesome, though.

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