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11 January 2015


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I have an incipient borrower, who asks me to save some of my clothing for her to wear someday.


One of my kids dropped their socks in the toilet one day getting ready for school and then flushed them and then proceeded to tell me that hadn't gotten any out for them to begin with. Long story short: I didn't know that they had done this. I flushed the toilet. Toilet proceeded to start to overflow. I grabbed the plunger. Plunged the toilet and blew out the seal. Called my brother as my husband wouldn't know the first thing about a toilet except how to use it. My brother came over that night. Replaced the seal, re-installed the toilet, flushed the toilet and it proceeded to overflow again. He grabbed the plunger and you guessed it......blew out the new seal!! Got a toilet snake and lo and behold, he pulled out a pair of socks.

Glad to see you posting more regularly, I for one missed reading your blog.


I usually wake up with a 'fro like no other. My kids aren't quite at the stage where I can embarrass them, but I know I have ammo for when they are.

Also? Totally feel you on the hair growth. I have a desperate need for a salon visit and an extreme lack of funds to do so. Damn.

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