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03 January 2015


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I <3 you. Happy New Year!

Jill Jones

Sister--I love your writing and I love you. Agree on all points. Especially the cussing part--fuck that! I'll be your pedicure pal! Xoxo


Heart you, still and forever.


Size 11? How do you ever find cute shoes?

Congrats on all the good stuff. Good luck with the resolutions - other than the shoes, I know you'll be successful!


Love your resolutions.... Don't even bother with underwear!


wow, excellent post and I'm grateful you're back. I am a middle aged mom with no kids left at home and no grandkids. msg me if you need a sitter when you go with Rick. I'm not in your area, but I bet I can be :)

the slackmistress



Awesome...just Awesome!!


taje your Xmas tree down before Easter?! It's a miracle. :-) love you!


Yeah - my 2014 sucked - lost my darling Daddy - missed him so much this Christmas. Cannot even imagine how you and Rich have dealt with over the loss of Thalon and how it will always affect your family. So thankful you two powered through, despite the fact that it likely seemed impossible. Others will notice and learn and maybe overcome their valleys as well.

Congrats on the weightloss! You can do the rest. I need to lose my grief weight and began WW yesterday.

Shana - you are AWESOME - so proud of you - so many people NEVER get as far as you do. And then express it so that others can say "HECK YEAH". I haven't even arrived there myself.

And if you ever need an "ear" for that teenage girl minefield - please reach out. You know that we almost ended up losing our girl in those creepy woods . . .

HUGS Internet friend!



So glad you are keeping the phone lines open with God.


Hi Shana: Glad to see a post up and I think you need to do a post explaining the last picture. Congratulations on your weight lose and I am sure you will continue. Hitting a plateau in weight lose sucks as you think you will never get past it but the body can only fight so long before it gives in and you will continue to lose the weight. Sounds like you and Rich are finally in a good place so do not let anyone into that place with you. Ignore the idiots that try to ruin a good thing. Hope we see more posting this year and again, story on the last picture!! Happy New Year May 2015 be filled with lots of joy.


I've said it before and I'll say it again - You rock and I'm glad you're still writing. I'm glad you and Rich overcame... and get away for god's sakes! How about Echo Canyon in Sulphur?!? I hear its aaaa--maaaaa---zzzing!! Pricey, but worth it...(I hear... maybe Chris & I will go someday!) Good job on the 60# that's what I need to lose... started w/ the stupid resolutions... no Pepsi in 4 days and I'd attack you if you walked in with one RIGHT FUCKING NOW haha


Love it! I was so happy to see your post! Here's to a better 2015 for all of us!!!!


... And also with you and yours! And Dave, of course.

Good to hear from you. That's a great list, some of which I may co-opt.

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