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12 March 2015


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I would totally watch you on Big Brother! I bet you would kick ass.


First of all... I SUCK! Happy Belated Birthday. Second, how exciting! I hope you get on the show. They'd be stupid not to put you on! Wish I could pop over and take some headshots for you. xo


Um, you could drink with the best of them, you know about rough times and being fake in front of assholes, and you have pre-teens. How are you NOT the best candidate for this dumb-ass show? I might even watch it!

I don't do video, though - can you just read out testimonials? :)


This is so exciting! I can't wait to watch you this summer! (obviously you will be chosen)

Deborah Pucci

I am a huge Big Brother fan and I would love to watch you on the show this year. You go girl!


Yes. To all of it.


I haven't watched BB in years but I would watch if you were on!


I've watched maybe 15 minutes total of Big Brother since it debuted in 1859, but I would watch it if you were on and I would spend hours on Hamster Time and previously.tv getting in heated arguments with anyone who says anything even slightly negative about you (because if you go on TV, I forbid you to read about yourself on the internet -- forum posters are horrible people).


like an episode of BB {Brady Bunch)


I think you'd be great! Good luck!!!!


Wish I would have seen this earlier. Have they had the auditions yet? If not, Go with EVERYTHING - all of the drama of your story, not just the sorrow, but the joy of Thalon and how your twisted humor, became even more so. Bring all the angst regarding your girls, and your unusual job - in fact - come with your brief bio IN CALLIGRAPHY. I have a gut feeling you have a chance.

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