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20 July 2015


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Your poor arm! Ouch!

Every time I see a commercial for Big Brother, I keep wishing you were on it!

Nathan Pralle

I'm a loyalist. That is, I'm loyally a reader. Try not to trip, hrm? :)


I check in ever-so-often to see if you've written anything. Good surprise today! :) Glad I can keep up w/ your shenanigans on FB.
Take care!


Me too. Always come by and a delight to see an update. Your calligraphy is so gorgeous but your injuries look awful! And BB would be SO much better if you were on. for real.


I'm still reading! Watching for updates regularly.


shoot, I posted but it didn't show up! I check and check and check -- so happy that Mrs. K got you to post again. sorry about your fall - love the peek into your life though.


should have taken acid lol

Sara Williams

I check once a week and get giddy when I get to read a new post!


I haven't commented in a while. I hope your kids are better than they were at St E. I'm really mad about the Battle of the Block and that my son got married without properly addressed invitations. Sorry about your unwelcome friend. You surely would have been better than these jokers on BB. I'm really mad that the regular shows aren't even close to the DSL state of the house. BBUK was so much better.


Still following....and even passed through OK last week...long enough to meet Kristie- which is how I found you....from following her old blog :)


How old is your oldest. My daughter is ten and holy hell, I think we despise each other more than we love each other. Whe is this phase over? Good luck to you!


Whoa...that arm. Ouch.
Okay, so funny thing....my computer crashed a few years ago. Everything completely wiped away. It sucked majorly. You know what bugged me almost more than losing my photos (almost, okay...let's be real...because nothing is worse than losing your family photos) it was losing my list of favorite blogs that I followed. They were bookmarked and I just clicked on them...yours was one of them...and because I just clicked on the links each day, I never really paid attention to the URL or anything. And then when I finally got another computer (a Mac this time, because they don't crash as much) I tried following blogs but forgot the names of the blogs I followed. I remembered you blog but not the name of it (I know, I'm so bad...forgive me) and just now, tonight, I decided to try to find your blog to see if you still are blogging....and I found you by typing in your son's name in Google. Because I've always remembered him, and his name is so unique. And so, then your blog was the first to come up. And so now here I am. Long, boring story. I know. But still, I thought I'd share. You probably don't remember me from years ago...but I'm the blogger with all the kiddos. My old blog was called "mommy nine times" but I've changed it since then (the title and URL) I have ten kids now, with one more on the way. www.theyallcallmemom.com I'm now carrying a son, 27 weeks along tomorrow, and he has a fatal diagnosis, so yeah, that sucks big time. I'm carrying him to term despite his fatal diagnosis....because he's my boy and I love him, no matter what. So that's what's going on with me. In case you were wondering. LOL Seriously, though, I'm happy that I found your blog again and I'm going to spend some time now catching up with your posts.


where is Mrs Kendall now? we need her to prod you into posting again.

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