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17 October 2015


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I am so sorry that you lost your friend. There are no words. Just know that a stranger in a suburban Onatrio town is sitting in her kitchen on a chilly morning thinking of you and of her.


So sorry to hear about your friend.

Jen B

Sorry for your loss. It's never easy.


She was a light, wasn't she? I'm so sorry she left this world. Sorry that you lost a dear friend. Sorry I didn't keep up with her when she quit blogging. Sorry I wasn't a better friend.

When are you getting that tattoo?


I get it.

Cheryl K

I am so sorry, there are no words. I have missed you, or should I say I miss your writing.


I'm sorry your friend is gone. I wish I had something comforting to say.


I'm so sorry, Shana. I miss her too. She was a special human being. But I get it too. Xoxo

Deborah Pucci

I heard about her leaving our world but I never knew her or followed her. I am so sorry for your loss. Please know that I care......((HUGS))
Our future daughter in law lost her father over Thanksgiving weekend last year and it is so sad when we can't help them to see that tomorrow is a new day! When your that deep in pain you can't see ......


I'm so sorry that your friend is gone.
There was no translation of the feeling that would have changed her.
Be gentle with yourself, Shana.


Nevermore. Everlong. I hope she has found peace. xo


So sorry for the loss of your friends\. And while we cannot understand what they were going through (well some can more than others) it is OK to be a big angry with them because bottom line, these people do choose themselves first, even though many are very smart and aware and KNOW the pain their act will cause. But we forgive them, move on and love their memory. But deep down, if we are honest, we are ticked at them now and then. Especially when we witness and have to hold up the survivors. {{{HUGS}}} to you. And so hoping to actually meet you one day, my Okie friend!


Sucks...sorry my friend, you have lost far to much in your lifetime...

Sarah G

I'm so sorry.

Nathan Pralle

She would have appreciated this writing just as much as she would have despised being the subject of it. But she would have loved your craft more than her embarrassment. I join you in pain at the loss. It still hits me from time to time and I quake.


I'm sorry about your friend, Shana!
I'm glad you and I met... and I'm glad we can "keep up" on FB.

I suck at being a friend! How do we keep our connections when life just swallows us up? :(

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