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09 November 2015


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yo mama

I think that might just work for debt collections as well. The CIA might need a taped copy of Hot Crossed buns for interrogation purposes...one would confess to anything with Moiras Magic Nose-o-phone.


Does "Hot Cross Buns" refer to the condition of the posterior of the listener of the tune?

Eons ago, we suffered the presence of a yellow plastic recorder in my house, when my kids were small. I'm sure it has passed through many Goodwill bins, spreading misery wherever it goes.

I hope you find some relief from how you are feeling. This time of year seems to do no favors for those suffering from depression. Thank you, thank you for sharing the link about "Everything doesn't happen for a reason"- the words "Some things in life cannot be fixed. They can only be carried" are ones I will be holding for a long time to come.


Just yesterday, I had the unfortunate experience of sending in my $15 for the recorder PLUS tickets to an abbreviated version of The Nutcracker. Now, I usually take the child to see The Nutcracker, and she sort of enjoys it because it's a tradition (not so much the actual ballet - she only really likes 1 part and that's all of 1 minute long...of the whole 2.5 hours of the thing), but I thought I'd get out of it this year, since FIELD TRIP. But she says she still wants to go. Fortunately El Cheapo the First (aka my husband) said "You're not going twice. That's ridiculous!" So we'll see. I already took her to see Matilda The Musical this year. I think that will be it.

At any rate, sooner or later, the recorder will come home. And she will play it and annoy me. And I will say "How about piano lessons?" And she will continue to say NO! :(

I totally dare you to leave that message and then record the call-back. That would make the best video/audio to ever hit the internet!


It's my firm belief that whoever decided it would be a good idea to have kids play the recorder never had a kid who played the recorder!

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