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08 November 2015


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Well, I would watch all the Star Wars movies with Rich! You guys are lame! But, props to you for pretending interest...

Here's the problem with everything doesn't happen for a reason...when you encounter someone who is desperately trying to believe that there's a reason for everything and you start talking about how sometimes shit just happens...well, that doesn't always go over well. I was talking to a friend who has breast cancer, and she was spouting the "everything happens for a reason" stuff, and I was all "No, sometimes bad things just happen. Sometimes life just sucks." I should probably keep my stupid mouth shut sometimes, but I just don't believe that nonsense and I can't let it pass. It's not like I've never witnessed or experienced suffering.

I made my husband watch Mad Max:Fury Road last night. He was surprisingly interested (usually he's hypercritical of every movie we watch. I also watched I've Loved You So Long the other day, and he watched that with me too. It's in French. But it was pretty good and he got interested after saying he didn't want to watch).


You're not the only one. A friend needed some info from me so I emailed her the other night, I have no recollection of sending the email. On a hot day this past summer I asked the people I work with if I could turn on the fan. Apparently they said yes, because I'd asked the exact question 5 minutes prior and have no memory of asking the first time.

Welcome to the club.


I can't remember shit and I have to work in an office every day - at time terrifying! You're fine :-)

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