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14 December 2015


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I suspect that mother, if she knows you, knows why you couldn't be there.

I hope that things get easier soon. It's usually hard to tell, but all of a sudden you realize that it's been a while since your shoulders were climbing up to your ears. I hope you get that relaxed sensation soon...although it's not likely until after the holidays, I expect.


Wow. All of it sucks and I'm sorry.

I can't balance my checkbook either. I'm highly educated and (mostly) not a complete idiot yet the thought of looking at my checking account makes me have an anxiety attack. I'm telling you this as I'm working on admitting I have a serious problem and if I don't get my head out of my ass I'll have to work until I'm dead paying overdraft fees. I'm sorry you're having a tough time; the only thing I can be (mostly!) sure of, is the teenager will snap out of it at some point. When is anyone's guess but most seem to just go stupid for a few years until they figure out they really don't know everything.


Well, shit. Why does it just keep coming? I get it. In the past 13 months, I've been diagnosed with cancer, got fired from my job, needed an ACL replaced, and now probably need surgery on a torn tendon in my ankle. I live dollar to dollar and I'm educated and smart. I'm sick of it. I'm scared for "at least no one died" to be my motto because someone inevitably will. My daughter keeps me going. Otherwise, I swear I would be done. Or at least more done than I am. Best of luck to you. May 2016 be a turning point in your life (and mine).

Ashley Monts

Welllll, fuck... someone died in my world, too. He is/was my nephew, but my mom raised him and we've been together in this shitty world since he was 3 days old. He was 33 and killed in a wreck while he was on his way to his work Christmas Party because of some asshole in a semi who crossed the center line. I am hating life and God and death and everyone but my hubs and baby boy.. well and my mom.... who is crushed and is sure she can't survive this. I am sorry about your car and Rich. I hope he comes out ok... I'm ready for December to be OVER. I don't really know why. January will suck, too, I guess.

Danielle [Left of Lost]

Jeez. Why do so many shitty things gotta happen at once? I'm sorry.
And I think that mom knows why you couldn't be at the funeral, and probably understands completely and utterly, in a way no one ever wants to understand. *hugs*
Lastly: I haven't balanced my checking account in YEARS. Easily 6. I don't have time to find the $.06 discrepancy.

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