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07 November 2016


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We don't have control, which is why I think many of us are afflicted with anxiety. Or maybe that's just me?

There's nothing you or Patton Oswalt could have done differently or better.

I keep deleting things I want to say. My opinion, bluntly: There was a physical aspect that no one could predict or prevent. And that is really hard on the survivors.

Anyway, thank you for continuing to blog; you're one of the few "old school" folks left, and I'm so glad you are still writing.


☝🏼☝🏼️☝🏼️ WHAT SHE SAID.


I completely agree with her - there is no reason; shit just happens. There is not one thing you could have done differently. And the more shit that happens, the less I believe there is a God. But if there is, He/She is supremely disinterested in our little lives.

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