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18 March 2020


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Great idea! I think I'll line that up for my kid when she tells me she's bored.

Don't forget to spray it with Lysol before putting it in the mail, though.

She and her father have decided that grooming is for people who leave the house. I'm not sure when either of them showered last. (Just kidding - my husband showered on Tuesday because he wanted to test the new water heater we had to get.) When I get my week off of work (this week and next, I'm an "essential worker." The following week I get to stay home with pay), I find it unlikely that I will shower unless I start to itch.

Meanwhile, my librarian sent me a photo of the 4 bags of books she picked out to tide us over when the library closes on Saturday.


I wish I could settle down to read. I have three new books plus COUNTLESS ones waiting for me. I just need to settle my rambling brain first!


How’s Frankie!


STill alive and kicking it! I do love that little dog!


I hope you are at home these days because of the danger of the virus. We must always be a good boy.

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